Inspired Art From Life

R(obert) + L(ori) art

R+L Art is a collaboration of the husband and wife team of Robert Black and Lori Dickinson Black. While respected professionals in their fields of culinary and nonprofit work, both have pursued their art passions through woodworking, painting, and photography. Robert previously created artisanal cutting boards through Chefs Table and a successful Etsy store. When they married, Robert transformed their large garage into a woodshed and they built Lori an art studio over the course of a year in the backyard. Now, they're ready to share their art publicly. Cutting boards are made with precision by the acclaimed Chef Black for everyday use in a home kitchen or a working restaurant. The wood is primarily sourced locally from trees that live on in an art form. Lori's artwork is a personal journey of her travels, passions and experiences displayed in abstract, still life, paper or photography.

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